December 2021

The Year She Came by Hollie Sambrooks

     The year she came there was snow on the lilacs and they sagged with the weight of it. Electrical lights blazed and died in the night, sparks jetted from transformer boxes in between springtime trees that shed whole branches in awesome roars and thuds and the streetlights glowed in the snowstorm while the […]

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Herringbone by Shelby Yarchin

The woods that surrounded the small cabin were never silent. They carried a wonderful song of bull frogs and crickets. If there was the rare and occasional moment of quiet, it created nothing but a frothy unease in Joel. She had grown used to the noise, much different from the city and fully encompassing in […]

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Marisa by Moonlight by Abigail Buchanan

     Marísa only meant to let the cat outside. It was late–close to midnight–and she was tired, but it was her responsibility to put Gato out every night and to let him in and feed him every morning. It was a full moon, unimaginably bright as she opened the back door and placed the […]

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