From shelvers to librarians, the Albany County Public Library is a great place to work if you are passionate about customer service and serving the diverse needs of the Albany County Community. All job openings for the ACPL are posted online (see listing below), and only online applications are accepted. Continue to check back for exciting opportunities to be a part of the ACPL team.


Looking for volunteer opportunities? There are two types of volunteer opportunities available through the ACPL.

Standard volunteering is for those seeking a long-term opportunity to donate their time in order to help the ACPL continue serving the community. This generally consists of an ongoing weekly project such as shelving or scanning. If you are interested in this kind of volunteering, fill out a volunteer application form, and we will be in touch about possible availability.

The ACPL also offers opportunities for individuals that need to complete court-ordered community service requirements. Please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

For more information contact the library by phone or email at 307-721-2580, or