Request a Board Game

Request a Board Game

Please fill out this form to request a board game to check out.

The board game will be checked out to you for 1 week and you will receive a notification once it is ready to be picked up.

Limit 1 game per library card.

When returning the board games, please return them inside the main entrance and place them on the cart labeled "Board Games." Do NOT place them in the outside book drops.
If you know which game you want, great! Otherwise, I will use my board game knowledge to find you a recommended game to suit your tastes.

Any questions or comments, please contact Tyler at
  • Is there a specific game you'd like to checkout? Browse our board game collection here. If you know the game you would like to check out, enter the name here.
  • If you want a recommendation, please tell us what kind of games you enjoy? Some examples might be: Fantasy themed/ Bird themed/ Mystery Theme/ Strategy game/ Party Game/ Abstract Games, etc.
  • If you asked for a recommendation, please let us know how complex of a game do you want to play? You can say "very simple" "Brain melting" or anywhere in between. You could also tell us your preferred age range as well.
  • If you want a recommendation, please tell us how many players you will be playing with?