New Mystery Books February 2021

The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton

A murder on the high seas. A remarkable detective duo. A demon who may or may not exist. It’s 1634 and Samuel Pipps, the world’s greatest detective, is being transported to Amsterdam to be executed for a crime he may, or may not, have committed.

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A Promise of Ankles by Alexander McCall Smith

The latest, delectably witty installment of Alexander McCall Smith’s sumptuous 44 Scotland Street series. For the residents of 44 Scotland Street, life in Edinburgh’s intriguing New Town is a thing to be relished. After all, there are new faces to excite Domenica’s anthropological imagination, precious moments with his triplets for Matthew to savor, and the prospect of a trip to the promised land of Glasgow for young Bertie. But there are mysteries that need solving too. Put it on hold here or get the ebook here


Robert B. Parker’s Someone to Watch Over Me by Ace Atkins

In the latest thriller featuring the legendary Boston PI, Spenser and his young protégé Mattie Sullivan take on billionaire money manager running a network of underaged girls for his rich and powerful clients.

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Dead End Girl by L.T. Varger and Tim McBain

Her body is broken. Wrapped in plastic. Dumped on the side of the road. She is the first. There will be more. A serial killer stalks women in rural Ohio. Put it on hold here


Cardiff by the Sea by Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates, the “grand mistress of ghoulishness,” showcases her mastery in four deeply disturbing novellas that will leave the reader both quaking and pining for more. Put it on hold here


The Kingdom by Jo Nesbo

Two brothers. One small town. A lifetime of dark secrets.A tense and atmospheric standalone thriller from best-selling author Jo Nesbø.Put it on hold here or get the ebook here

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Knock Knock by Anders Roslund

Seventeen years ago, Criminal Inspector Ewert Grens was called to the scene of a brutal crime. A family had been murdered, and the only survivor – and witness – was the five-year-old daughter. The girl was placed in the witness protection program, and the case went cold, but years later, he learns that the apartment where the crime occurred is now the scene of a mysterious break-in, Grens immediately fears that someone is intent on silencing the only witness. He races to find her…before they do. Put the book on hold here


Dreaming Death by Heather Graham

Ever since she was a child, Stacey Hanson has had strange dreams–and sometimes they come true. Her skills and experience led her straight to the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters. Now a serial killer is stalking Washington, DC, and people are scared. And it will be Stacey’s first case. Put it on hold here or get the ebook here


Red Hands by Christopher Golden

Sometimes a story is a warning. Sometimes the warning comes too late. When a mysterious and devastating bioweapon causes its victims to develop Red Hands, the touch of death, weird science expert Ben Walker is called to investigate. Put it on hold here or get the ebook here


House of Correction by Nicci French

Tabitha is accused of murder. She is in prison awaiting trial. There is a strong case against her, and she can’t remember what happened on December 21st. She is alone, frightened and confused. But somehow, from the confines of her cell, she needs to prove everyone wrong. Put it on hold here or get the ebook here

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