Blind Date with a Book Fundraiser

The Albany County Public Library Foundation’s Blind Date with a Book fundraiser is back! Purchase one of several great packages to give the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day and support your public library!

These Blind Date with a Book packages, based on popular TV series characters, are the perfect gift for a loved one on Valentine’s Day or a fun way to celebrate a friendship for Galantine’s Day. NEW! This year the ACPL Foundation has Blind Date with a Book packages for couples and kids!

This Year’s Packages:

  • The Leslie Knope, a ‘Parks & Recreation’ Pack
  • The Rose Nylund (aka The Betty White), a ‘Golden Girls’ Pack
  • The Mabel Mora, an ‘Only Murders in the Building’ Pack
  • The Rebecca Welton, a ‘Ted Lasso’ Pack
  • The Carrie Bradshaw, a ‘Sex in the City’ Pack
  • The David Rose, a ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Pack
  • The Rip Wheeler, a ‘Yellowstone’ Pack
  • The Joey Tribianni, a ‘Friends’ Pack
  • The Roland & Jocelyn, a ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Couples Pack
  • The Ross & Rachel, a ‘Friends’ Couples Pack
  • The Jim & Pam, a ‘The Office’ Couples Pack
  • A Kids Pack


How It Works:

  • Pick your package(s). *Each package will include a book in the noted genre, self-care items, and fun surprises based on each character.
  • Packages will be specially wrapped and include a personal note to your recipient. More specifics on each package are included below.
  • Pricing: This includes all of the items and a small donation to the ACPL Foundation. Thank you for supporting us!
    • Individual Packages: $30
    • Couple Packages: $75
    • Kid Packages: $15
  • You can choose to pickup your package(s) or we can provide local contactless delivery.
  • To order, visit the ACPL Foundation website.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us with questions: Caitlin White at or 307-460-2481.